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Heavy Calc


Work in and Convert Between Any Construction-Math Formats
Calculate and convert in Feet-Inch-Fractions, Decimal Yards, Feet (i.e. 10ths), Meters and Millimeters — including Square and Cubic formats.

Automatically Calculate Areas and Volumes
Easily find Areas and Volumes using dedicated Length, Width and Depth keys.

Square-ups and Right Angles
Percent Grade and Slope keys give you instant Right Angle solutioins for Diagonals; easily stake out Drops, Ramps, Trenches and more.

Weight per Volume (Lbs, Tons, Kg)
Convert between weights and find the weight of material (i.e., Tons per Cubic Yard, etc.).

Find Percent (%) Shrink and Swell
Quickly determine Bank, Compacted and Loose soil volumes for any job.

“Average” Function
Speeds Grid-Cell-Cut/Fill estimates.

Simplify Cut/Fill Estimates
Built-in Cut/Fill, Existing and Proposed functions make soil-volume estimates easy.

“Paperless” Tape
Allows you to review the last 20 entries
— great for plan checks and confirming strings of dimensions.

Time-Saving Utility Functions
Preference Setting for Fractions speeds entries; repeat operator (+,-,x,/, +/–, pie, 1/x, Square Root) and constant functions reduce keystrokes; Per Unit key for material costing estimates.

Battery-Saving Auto Shut-Off

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Save time, eliminate costly errors, reduce material and labor expenses on all construction jobs. Builtin functions quickly find solutions for Area, Volume, Weight, Slopes, Shrink and Swell, Cut/Fill and More! Works in and converts between all building dimensional formats, including Metric.

The most effective equipment, manpower planning and estimating tool you can own!