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Our Place... Is a very, very fine place with 2 KIP's in the yard and a staff that work so hard....
One Source Means Increased Productivity for you...

Exterior Automatic Lasers
Topcon RL-H3C Rechargeable Automatic Laser
Topcon RL-H3CL Rechargeable Long Range Laser
Topcon RL-H3A Rechargeable Automatic Laser
Interior Lasers
Topcon RL-VH3D Interior Laser
Topcon RL-VH3DR Interior Laser with Radio Remote
Topcon RL-VH4G Green Beam Interior Laser
Slope Lasers
Topcon RL-100 Series Slope Lasers
Topcon RT-5SW Dual Slope Laser with Smart Remote
Futtura LT-710 Slope Laser
Pipe Lasers
Topcon TP-L4AV Red Beam & Laser Plumb
Topcon TP-L4B Economy Red Beam
Topcon TP-L4BG Economy GreenBeam
Topcon TP-L4GV GreenBeam & Laser Plumb
Futtura QBL-150C Pipe Laser with Remote Control
Hand Held Laser Receivers
Topcon LS-80 Series Receivers
Futtura CR1-E Exterior Receiver
Futtura CR2+ Exterior Receiver (hand-held or rod mounted)
Futtura CR4 Receiver
Futtura CR5 Combination Laser Receiver
Futtura Magna Plumb Vertical Indicator
Machine Mounted Laser Receivers
Topcon LS-B110 Machine Control Receiver
Futtura MCR1+ Machine Control Receiver
Futtura MCR2+ Machine Control Receiver
Futtura MCR3 Machine Control Receiver
Futtura MCB Automatic Machine Control System
Futtura MCB52
Futtura RD15 Remote Display
Futtura CR5 Combination Laser Receiver
Futtura CR5 Combination Laser Receiver & wired remote display
Futtura CR5 Combination Laser Receiver & wireless remote display



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